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When You Witch Upon A Star by Melanie James



English | Paranormal Romance | ePUB, MOBI | 193 KB

Overview: Have you ever found yourself stuck with a job that’s so far from your true calling, you hear yourself swear that you’re going to quit and start over? Most of us have, but only a lucky few actually make good on those desperate oaths.
Jessica Franchetti realized how miserable she was when her boss handed her a new name tag that read: “I’m not really a waitress.”
The way she saw it, she had every reason to move on. After all, she was a newbie witch, a rookie cryptozoologist, and a young woman with a secret wish for a paranormal romance with a real Shifter. You know, the kind of romance she reads about, the kind that would knock her socks off.
Standing on the threshold of her twenty-second summer, all she needed was to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks to a nudge from her cousin, Kelly, that direction took her straight to Assjacket, West Virginia. Certainly, she’d find at least one hot Shifter to dig her stilettos into. Right?
Unfortunately, Assjacket is also home to some pretty crazy witches and they’re nothing like Kelly and her friends at Witches Union Local 1313. It turns out, they have their own boss and their own rules. They might not be too happy if they find out the newcomer is a young novice witch, especially if they learn she’s a Union witch.
Will it be an awesomely magical summer where Jessica’s wish comes true? Or will she find herself on the business end of a wrath-fueled witch’s wand?


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