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Teach Me by Piper Lennox



English | 2018 | Romance | ePUB, MOBI | 325 KB

Overview: Her heart is racing. I see a flash of fear in her eyes, that moment when a woman who’s never been with a man like me hears something she’s never heard. Like, “I’m in charge.”
Some women didn’t like giving up control, any of it, and I respected that. Some of them, though? That fear turned into pure desire. They’d hear me say those things and realize they loved the idea of giving up control, of putting me in charge.
I stare at her eyes and wait. Which kind of woman will Breton Guillaume be?
* * *
Teague West never expected he’d be so attracted to a student, much less act on those feelings—but it’s falling in love with Breton that really catches him off-guard. As their relationship blooms in secrecy, he teaches Breton the ins and outs of his fantasies, and she’s all too eager to learn.
Breton has never met anyone like Professor West: mild by day, wild by night and awakening desires in her she didn’t know existed. She believes him when he says he’s a widower…until she finds a bill addressed to Jennifer West. And she’s seen the wedding band he still wears around his neck, shimmering from a braided leather cord.With her roommate by her side, Breton is determined to find out the truth about Teague—even if it means giving him up forever.


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