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SEAL Bear’s Mate by Cara Wade (.ePUB)



English | Paranormal Romance | ePUB, MOBI |939 kB

Overview: Samantha Meyers is promised to Jack Falcon by her distant father when Jack rescues him during a mission when they’re both serving as SEALs. Jack dismisses the offer, but a decade later, when he hears that his old mentor is dying, he immediately goes to pay his respects. He is surprised when the old man brings up the promise and asks him to marry his daughter before he dies so he can witness it. Samantha has her reservations about marrying a man she barely knows. She decides to marry him because she’s faced with crippling debt with her father’s medical bills. But when she finds out he’s a werebear, she realizes she has more problems than she thought when it brings to light old sealed records that threaten to expose Jack. When Sam and Jack are together, they ignite, but when their past insecurities come back to haunt them, will they find their way back to each other?

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