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Sassy Wolf and the Rogue by Jessica Aspen



English | Paranormal Romance
| ePUB, MOBI | 191 KB

Overview: Addison has seen the worst side of the mating bond, but when she runs into rogue wolf Ethan Blaylock she discovers—even sassy wolves can’t control their own destiny.
Ethan’s a rogue shifter just trying to survive. He never thought he stood a chance at happiness. But he knows from the moment he sees sassy, curvy Addison—she’s the one. He’ll fight everyone for the chance to prove it—his own rogue buddies, members of the pack, even Addison herself—just to win her love.
Will the mating bond that Addison is terrified of be the one thing that can save them? Or will fate, kidnappers, and a fanatic wolf shifter, lead to their death?
Discover curvy girls and sassy shifters—
Sassy Ever After Style


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