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Royal Temptation by Taige Crenshaw



English | 2018 | Romance | ePUB, MOBI | 94 KB

Overview: When you meet someone and it sparks something deep within you may just have to give into temptation…
Victoria Harrington didn’t come to the small kingdom of Monterra to find a prince. She came to rescue her sisters from the men who supposedly they fell in love with such a short time and they wanted to marry. Sometimes the best-laid plans are derailed with one look as is the case when she meets Marcello. The man was temptation, and she wasn’t about to fall for him. That is if she could keep away from him. Which was becoming an impossible task as Marcello seems determined to get in her path. How is she to resist a man who awakens so much in her?
Prince Marcello Fiorelli wasn’t about to let the woman he met go. Victoria might have come for another reason but he was going to take the chance to convince her to stay for him. The woman was stubborn, sexy and right for him. Now he would need to convince her to take a chance on him and give into the royal temptation.


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