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Nanny Shifter Service Series by Sky Winters

Nanny Shifter Service Series by Sky Winters (1-3)



English | Paranormal Romance| ePUB, MOBI |2 MB

Overview: Sky Winters writes steamy shifter stories that explore the magic of romance and the wild. She writes these sizzl’n and surreal tales for you, late at night, when the wolves are howling from her Northwestern home.
1. Daddy Dragon – Anna Clinton is an up and coming professional in New York City. Having a child is the last thing she wants. To her, career is everything. When her boss makes an inappropriate advance that she refuses, she is forced to abandon her professional dreams. All seems lost, until she receives a mysterious email from a nanny service, offering her a job.
Jason Shaw is head of Silver Dragons Security, an elite group of dragon shifter mercenaries. Having lost his wife, Jason is angry and distant, but he needs someone to take care of his two children. He finds young Anna through the Nanny Shifter Service, and is caught off guard by their magnetism.
When threats from his past emerge, will Jason protect Anna? Or sell her out to protect his children and the Silver Dragons Security?
One thing is for sure with the Nanny Shifter Service—all is not as it seems.

2. Daddy Bear – The Nanny Shifter Service Is Hiring…
And This Ferocious Bear
Is Looking For An Extra Curvy Nanny!
Alexander Price is one of the top bear shifter mercenaries in San Francisco. After a painful divorce, he is distant and guarded, but he deeply cares for his adorable daughter Grace. As tensions rise between the shifter mercenary groups in the city, he needs a nanny to tend to his daughter.
Divorced and destitute, Hannah Ashford is desperate for a job. She discovers a mysterious nanny service, that specializes in providing top-quality nannies for wealthy clients. Working with a child is Hannah’s dream, since she can’t have one of her own.
Hannah realizes there’s something different about her new boss. Something…animal. Alexander has a magnetic pull she can’t resist. But love is the least of her worries, when she’s caught in a war between two of the most powerful shifter clans in the city. Will she survive the carnage? Or be torn into pieces by these powerful bears?

3. Daddy Wolf’s Nanny – Damien is leader of the Red Claw Mercenaries, a shifter para military pack in Washington DC. He is strict, commanding, and has a bad temper, except when it comes to his beloved daughter. After firing countless nannies, he is ready to find someone who will meet his professional requirements.
When Ingrid interviews with the Nanny Shifter Service, she has no idea her world is about to change. Her new boss is sexy and ferocious in the most incredible ways. But both he and his daughter have a wall up, she can’t seem to break down. Will Damien let Ingrid into his heart? Or will his anger consume him, and tear her apart?
One thing is for sure with the Nanny Shifter Service—all is not as it seems.

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