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The Last Colony Series by William R. Hunt et al (.ePUB)

The Last Colony Series by William R. Hunt, Stephen M. Truax (#1-2)



English | Science Fiction > Dystopian | Post-Apocalyptic | ePUB, MOBI | 1 MB

Overview: William R. Hunt is a full-time novelist who enjoys exploring other worlds through his imagination. When he’s not writing, he’s usually daydreaming. When he’s doing neither of those, he can usually be found trying his hand at carpentry, making a clumsy show of sword-fighting, or being chased by his nephew and nieces. Most of the time he lets them catch him. Most of the time.

Stephen M. Truax is a technologist and project manager by profession. He has a lovely wife and two sons under two that fill him with joy and rob him of sleep. When he’s not crafting a story, he enjoys shooting — hoops and guns.

1. Brothers
In a starving and ruined world, Victor Gervasio has nothing left to lose.

As a former Delta Force operator, Victor believes he has planned for every contingency. He and his brother, Dante, a recovering addict, escape the madness of the city and take refuge in a remote New England cabin.

They have food. They have water. They have guns. Everything appears to be going according to plan.

Until Dante goes missing. The only clues left behind are blood stains on the floor and horse tracks in the dirt.

Caught in a race against time, Victor must rediscover his long-buried skills to navigate an unpredictable and ravaged landscape. Along the way, he must confront enemies old and new—including himself.

Loyalty will be tested. Blood will be shed. Sacrifices will be made.

How far will Victor go to protect the only family he has left?

2. The Shadow Walker
The past doesn’t stay buried forever.

Victor thought it was all behind him: the violence, the bloodshed, the endless struggle for power. But after freeing his brother, Dante, from the horsemen who kidnapped him, Victor realizes that just surviving is no longer good enough. If he wants to protect the people he cares about, he will have to dream bigger than a hand-to-mouth existence.

Meanwhile, rumors spread of a paradise run by a ruthless dictator with ties to Victor’s past. The brothers will be forced to pick sides, but what will happen if they find themselves on opposite sides of the fence?

Forced to choose between the role-model brother he wants to be and the cold killer he sometimes needs to be, Victor must weigh the ultimate cost of his actions—not just to his body, but to his very soul.


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