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Last Alpha Dragon by Harper B. Cole, Kallie Frost



English | Paranormal Romance, MM | ePUB, MOBI | 158 KB

Overview: Chandler has long been resigned to the fate of his race.
He’s one of the last two dragons in the world and in spite of being immortal, he knows that someday there may be no dragons left at all. For centuries he’s been dreaming of a tropical island paradise with other dragons on it. After the dream becomes a nightmare of a hurricane ravaged island, he wonders what if the dreams are real? What if there really are more dragons? And if there are… are they in trouble?
Rask wondered if this was the end for him and his friends…
It has been centuries since Rask and his companions were shipwrecked while fleeing the dragon massacre. Life hasn’t been easy, but nothing could have prepared them for the devastation of the worst hurricane to ever strike them. Leaving the island has proved deadly in the past, but now Rask thinks it may be better than slowly dying of starvation. He dreams of returning to civilization, finding his true mate, and having children of his own. That is, if the threat of dragon slayers is truly over…


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