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Eloria’s Beginning by Tom Hansen (Enter The louVRe #1)



English | Sci-fi/Fantasy | LitRPG | ePUB, MOBI | 573 KB

Overview: One life, stolen memories. Gaming has consequences when the AI won’t let you leave.
In the battle to save his race, Scarhoof is the last guard standing. If the old shaman fails to protect Sunset Cove, the defenseless minotaurs in his care will fall into the enemy’s scaly clutches. But on the other side of the VR console, far more than Scarhoof’s game world is at stake…

Adrianna and her team of programmers are in for some long nights on the job. Epoch International’s latest immersive game wasn’t supposed to release for months, but the AI had other plans. Now, it’s trapped players in the simulation and holds their memories hostage. If Adrianna can’t hack her way back in, Scarhoof and the other players could be lost forever…


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