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The Death Fields Series Box Set 2 by Angel Lawson (#4-6)



English | Science Fiction | ePUB, MOBI | 1.2 MB

Overview: “There’s nothing like the end of the world to put things into perspective.”
Humanity is on the brink of extinction, brought to its knees by a virus no man could have predicted. The lucky died. The damned transformed into rabid beasts and the rest? They must navigate the remains of society, the dead and living, as they come to grips with who was responsible and why. In the second half of the series follows Alexandra as she continues to fight for the survival of her friends, family and society. Not everyone will survive and if they do it’s possible they’ll regret it. Not every girl should be a hero. Unfortunately, Alexandra wasn’t given a choice. Read the conclusion of this thrilling ride! The Death Fields Second Box Set includes The Girl Who Kissed the Sun, The Girl Who Broke Free, and The Girl Who Saved the World.
4. The Girl Who Kissed the Sun
That’s what Cole said as he crumbled to the round.
Everything changes when Alexandra escapes the coup at PharmaCorp. She must adjust to the fact Jane is no longer the villain. She’s just an inept survivor traveling North toward safety with a group of hand-selected Fighters to help her get there.
As they push into the unknown Death Fields in the Midwest they must fight Eaters, harsh winter weather and the dregs of humanity.
Alex also must deal with the fact she may never see Wyatt again and that she left Cole for dead.
One thing that Alex has learned is that in the apocalypse, can she trust that anyone is ever really gone?

5. The Girl Who Broke Free
Alex has overcome many obstacles since the apocalypse began.

She lost her home. She lost her mother. And now she’s lost the man she loves.

Imprisoned by Chloe and the Hybrid Army she’s put to the test mentally and physically. Alex must rely on an unlikely ally to survive and endure immense pain to protect those she cares about. Determined to fight back she must make decisions that will alter the world she’s come to know-even if it results in an unpredictable future.

Will Alexandra make the right decision? Will the results be worth the risk?

6. The Girl who Saved the World
In an epic showdown Alexandra defeated the leader of the Hybrid Army. In the process she lost her strongest ally and discovered a larger obstacle to peace in the future.

Under the rule of a new leader Alex and Wyatt learn more about the start of The Crisis, the real reason for the ETR-Virus and the plans those in charge have for the future.

The hunters become the hunted and in the end, not everyone will survive.

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