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The Charitable Bastard by Jessica McCrory



English | Romance | ePUB, MOBI |422 kB

Overview: Norah McNamara thought she had found the perfect man. Sure, he had his anger issues, but given his charity work, she belived Clayton Matthews’s good qualities far outweighed the bad. What she didn’t count on however, was the secret life he lived behind the scenes of his generous organization.​
Harley Andrews is damn good at his job. An ex-cop turned private enforcer, Harley is brought in to investigate Clayton Matthews. ​​Instead, Harley finds himself putting everything on the line to protect the bastards beautiful fiance.
After an unforseen attack during one of Clayton’s charity banquets, Harley throws himself into a spray of bullets to protect Norah. And as Norah finds herself thrown into Clayton’s dark world, she discovers she has only one man to count on, and it’s not her fiance.
Because as it turns out, Clayton Matthews was quite The Charitable Bastard.


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