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The Night Inside by Nancy Baker

Overview: Dependable grad student Ardeth Alexander finds herself trapped in a nightmare as the unwilling blood source for a captive vampire. When she discovers that her fellow prisoner is not the worst monster she faces, she realizes that the only way to survive is to make an irrevocable choice.  

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Wild Fell by Michael Rowe

Overview: The crumbling summerhouse called Wild Fell, soaring above the desolate shores of Blackmore Island, has weathered the violence of the seasons for more than a century. Built for his family by a 19th-century politician of impeccable rectitude, the house has kept its terrible secrets and its darkness sealed within …

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Kaiju Rift by Ian Woodhead

Overview: They appeared in our cities just days after the great powers signed the armistice, giant nightmarish creatures which utterly destroyed everything in their path. The great war ripped millions of souls from us. These murderous abominations took millions more. After a century of battling the creatures and their vicious …

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