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Moon of Fire by H. D. Gordon (.ePUB)

Moon of Fire by H. D. Gordon (The Blood Pack Trilogy Book 1) Overview: Hustling wolfsbane is the only way Dita Silvers knows how to survive. As a werewolf from the slums, she longs to lift her family out of poverty, and getting involved with the prominent criminals in town …

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Galactic Startup by Brian Whiting

Galactic Startup by Brian Whiting Overview: Alex and his three friends drop out of college after discovering a revolutionary way to travel into space using a small amount of energy. Their world-changing technology is sought by the government, and they are forced to go into hiding while they perfect it. …

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John Crane Series by Mark Parragh (#2-3)

Overview: Growing up in rural Virginia, Mark Parragh seized on stories—spy stories in particular—to escape the isolation and monotony of real life. He grew up with a deep love for old James Bond movies and Mission Impossible reruns on TV, and survived on a cache of forgotten paperbacks he discovered …

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The Book of Thomas by Robert Boyczuk

Overview: In the beginning, the Church ruled all the Spheres of the Apostles. But that was millennia ago, before the origins of this massive, artificial realm were forgotten. Now, drought, plague and war afflict the Spheres that make up the world of Man, fragmenting society into antagonistic sects that carry …

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The Villain by Kitty Bright

Overview: My latest upload has gone viral.A private video of Lenic Reevus, the most vicious man I’ve ever met.The ex-Royal Marine nearly breaks down my studio door to flag me inappropriate……while I’m in the middle of a live streaming event.I don’t tell him. I don’t switch off the camera. I …

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