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Come Morning by Pat Warren

Overview: SOMETIMES DANGER HIDES IN THE DARKNESS… Photographer Briana Morgan sought the solitude of Nantucket Island to help her cope with the tragic deaths of her little boy and ex-husband, an ambitious stockbroker. Instead the past is haunting her, a break-in has her spooked, and the mysterious man next door …

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Cold Gold by Victoria Chatham

Overview: Lady Serena Buxton follows her husband from England to Cold Creek, a gold mining town in northern Californian. But, when she arrives, Randolph is missing. The sheriff seems to be keeping a watchful eye on her. She cannot trust Douglas King, the mine manager, who treats her as if …

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Boss Man by Victoria Quinn

Overview: I’ve never made a compromise before. But I made an exception for Diesel Hunt. Because he was all man. Because he was everything I needed. Because he would make it worth my while. Now I’m calling the shots. I’m the one in control. No matter how much I hurt …

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And the next Thing You Know by Chase Taylor Hackett

Overview: Not the one you’re waiting for . . . Jeffrey Bornic is getting over his ex. Really. So what if the rising-star attorney is angrily sleeping his way through most of Manhattan’s male population? When the time is right, the perfect partner will show up. And Jeffrey knows exactly …

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