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Aquarius: Mr. Humanitarian by Tiana Laveen

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Overview: Aiden Summers appears to be your average guy, but the truth of his nature lies just beneath the surface. After enduring a less than ideal childhood with his alcoholic single mother, he vowed to make a difference in the world – to help those who worked hard but needed assistance in finding not a job, but a career. He works as a vocational counselor at one of the top employment agencies in Seattle, Washington, and is considered one of the city’s most eligible bachelors. Aiden enjoys his work, but has been keeping a family stressor under wraps, one that has weighed on his mental and emotional health. Although the commitment type, he would much rather be alone than with someone who is not good for his mind, body, and spirit.

Enter a new client, Addison Blue, who grew up in one of Mercer Island’s most prestigious neighborhoods. The middle daughter of upper echelon African American parents and born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Addison has always wanted to make her way on her own. But, unfortunately, life has dealt her a mighty blow, and she finds herself not only divorced from her emotionally abusive ex-husband, but looking for love and work in all the wrong places.

That is, until she walks into Aiden Summers’ office, and a connection is formed that neither of them predicted or deemed possible. Aiden is a born helper, Addison is a born rebel – together, they will either clash or make a beautiful pairing. What was seen as forbidden is now their norm, and their existence in each other’s world changes their lives forever. What does one do when one has so much to say, but no voice to say it with? What happens when a man with secrets and undisclosed pain bursts free and falls in love with a woman who is willing to start over again? On one condition though – that he tells the truth. Not to the world … but to himself.

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